This is the website of Gary Franklin Haus.
I am an XR Designer, Game Developer and Experience Designer.
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  • Focus Pillars

    My name is Gary Franklin Haus. I am a small town boy that loves all things Virtual and Augmented. I am very passionate about design and inspiring others to create truly unique and engaging content.

    The following three areas of technology and design are the main disciplines I am working in.

  • XR Technologies - Virtual and Augmented Realities

    For the past 5+ years I have been heavily involved with many XR projects. Working on creating amazing experiences and creating design solutions to some of XR's challenges. It has been a fun challenge utilizing my knowledge of a variety of industries, technology and design to create VR and AR experiences that are memorable and unique.

    I have been involved in the VR field going back to 1998 working with R&D in both the commercial and entertainment spaces.

  • Games / Serious Games / Simulation

    Whether it is mobile, web, desktop or console I have a great deal of experience in design across a wide variety of titles, styles and platforms. In addition to being a Game and Simulation Designer, I am an accomplished digital sculptor, 2D and 3D Designer, Animator, Art Lead, UX/UI expert. I have over 25 years of production experience and many productions under my belt.

  • Experience Design

    Using my knowledge across many different industries, I weave together unique experiences that engage users and players worldwide. Whether it is applications, games, XR, simulations, mobile, or interactive experiences my skill sets and storytelling help bring to life amazing and engaging experiences.

My latest personal work. Eralonde - a virtual walkthrough
Watch on YouTube at 1440p60 for best experience

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Concept Road Bike
Kore | ZERO bicycles
Model - Road 01

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Heart of Neon
Unreal Engine 4.26

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Below please find links to my portfolio pages.

Digital Sculpting

Miscellaneous Zbrush rendered sculpts.

Games / Sim


Industrial Design

VR Architecture

Transit Station

This is a personal design meant to showcase VR technologies. The prototype is used as testbed developing technologies in VR. Select the button below to go to YouTube and view the project in 360 degrees. Make sure you set the resolution to the maximum for best quality.

Below please find links to recent Augmented Reality prototypes.


AR Sandbox

A recent inspirational render.

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